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I love creating MINI ART... little frames with images that make you smile and reminds you just take a time out to breathe. Put one by your work station, on your nightstand or give them to the special people in your life!
Each image is approximately 2"x3" inside these mini frames. (The cork wine bottle topper is there to show a size perspective.)
$18 each | 2 for $30 | 3 for $45. Ordering online allows you to customize the image and frame that you want... or order as they are represented.
Please email me for custom ordering or to receive the multi-piece discount.
[email protected]
Farming Wind (Mini)Balloons in Fog (Mini)Cherub Bacchus (Mini)Red Sunset (Mini)Star Pine Gold (Mini)Purple Cluster (Mini)Peace (Mini)Olives - 1 (Mini)Yellow Sunset (Mini)Petunia (Mini)Urban Love (Mini)Sailing Silver (Mini)Olives & Mustard (Mini)Boundaries (Mini)Vineyard - Stag’s Leap (Mini)Green Cluster (Mini)Purple Cluster - square (Mini)

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