Marketing Services

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I specialize in marketing for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists with over 20 years of experience helping people connect the dots from their visions to their business development. I've worked in positions that have exposed me to the diverse needs of small businesses, no two are alike because they so closely align with the personal creativity and brands of you... the owners, managers and champions.

Connect with me if you would like to work on your business development in these areas:

  • Goals coaching for growth – what are your priorities?
  • Digital business analysis for consistent branding
  • Social Media Marketing and platform audience clarity 
  • Creation of a customer-centric culture
  • Message building that aligns with your brand
  • Visuals for design aesthetics, photography and video
  • Social Monitoring to listen and respond
  • Measuring of key performance indicators
  • Training staff and influencers for advantage messaging

“Marketers make things happen by making change happen."
~ Seth Godin

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“I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Katherine’s prowess in the area of creative marketing, catapulting businesses forward, not only through her instincts to make great connections, but also through her unique style of coaching the people behind the brands. She brings her diverse branding expertise, fun, pizazz, and possibility thinking to every endeavor she chooses.”
~ Lynn Abaté-Johnson, Global Business Consultant, Social Media Community Leader at Co-Active Training Institute (CTI)

“Katherine has assisted and guided me with my commercial food presentations in both video and photography. Her vision for detail is enlightening as she sees things from a unique perspective!”
~ Pat Burke, Chef & BBQ Master

"Katherine Zimmer brims with a positive energy that makes every project you work on with her feel good. Since the early days of my entrepreneurial adventure with Edible San Diego magazine, Katherine's insight, experience, network and encouragement have helped me grow to a fully integrated online presence and inspire me to this day."
~ Katie Stokes, Publisher, Editor in Chief, Edible San Diego Magazine