Hello, and welcome to my creative world!


My passion is connecting... people to people, people to their dreams, brands to businesses, and creative spirits to their talents. Last year was extraordinary in many ways; with extreme challenges and in many ways bearing gifts.

If you're like me, changing the date on the calendar doesn't automatically reset everything... we still have self-doubt, overwhelm, expectations that are way too high and lots anxiety about what to do next.

As an objective, experienced partner I can help you move yourself forward!


coaching compass 2_katherinezimmercoaching compass 2_katherinezimmer

Creativity Coaching & Workshops

Through Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™, I can help you uncover your resistance, reconnect to your joy and be inspired to move forward with your creative projects and art whether it's something you’ve been doing for a long time or something you’ve just recently discovered.

If you're like me, you get overwhelmed, maybe you procrastinate (a lot), or you get paralyzed by your perfectionism. I still experience these challenges, but have found a way to uncover them, acknowledge the pesky stuff and quiet the noise... and I can help you too.

KMCC works with small steps and fun, non-linear tools to reignite your creative passions. Trust yourself and take a leap toward reigniting your joy!


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Marketing Services

I specialize in marketing for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists. I have over 20 years of experience helping people connect the dots from their visions to their business development. No two of you are alike because your endeavors are so closely aligned with your personal brands and creative spirits.

my art 2_katherinezimmermy art 2_katherinezimmer

My Art!

I love the idea of always being “in the middle of somewhere” and creating art from where I stand. Daily life makes it hard to be present sometimes, so when something strikes me, I like to take a moment, contemplate it, and of course, record it as an image for my art!


“Honor your dreams with persistence!”
~ KZ