Creativity Workshops

I’ve never liked the word “WORKshops” for these offerings because it’s not WORK per se! I think “FUNshops” is a better title, but that doesn’t bode well with search engine optimization (SEO)!

My creativity workshops celebrate imperfection, messiness, authenticity, and our passion for making stuff as creative beings.

These workshops are based in the methodology of Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching™. KMCC is a unique approach to coaching that uses empowering questions, inspiring prompts, non-linear experiences (aka fun!), and small steps that honor the creative process and help you to move through common creative blocks. More on KMCC here.

"Creativity is not an attainment, but a return to who you are."
~ Jill Badonsky: author, artist, founder of KMCC


Let's Connect to Create! textLet's Connect to Create! text

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Creative Chaos Workshops!

The 2024 workshop schedule is in the works... stay tuned for more info!
How are you doing on your creativity? Same ol’ thing… putting it aside for “more important” distractions? Or are you rocking it, but need some focus to reconnect or realign your purpose?
Join me, in person and on zoom, for creative chaos workshops with a fun, intuitive, imperfect, no expectations activities that will result in clarity and "Aha" moments! Promise!

These are not a specific workshops for a specific art forms... such as a watercolor class.
They are fun, but intentional workshops using different prompts and exercises geared toward uncovering your current state of creativity, breaking through blocks and boundaries, and reigniting your passion for creating whatever it is you create.

KMCC tools are understandable, doable, and inspirational; and can apply not only to creative pursuit such as art, music, and writing, but to any aspect of life where a creative approach can make a profound difference in reaching an objective.

Connect with me if you want to be put on the newsletter list for upcoming workshops!

"I so enjoyed my time in your class. Breaking down barriers within our own minds and perceptions of ourselves is extremely valuable!" ~ Paula M, artist


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Muse Workshops
Based on the whimsical book by Jill Badonsky – The Nine Modern Day Muses (and the Bodyguard): 10 Guides to Creative Inspiration. These group workshops are a fantastic way to reignite your creativity, open you up to your creative gifts, and work your way through the blocks and issues that hold you back from the joy and purpose that creativity brings.
Look for Muse Workshops to resume in early 2024.
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FB Event Cover - PUT_KZFB Event Cover - PUT_KZ Parallel Universe Time
Parallel Universe time is just that… a one-hour space that we hold, as a group, for each other, through the magic of Zoom, to focus on our own work. Sometimes that is just enough lighten your mojo and get in the positivity zone for the whole week!

You're invited to this incognito, creative group (cameras off if you want). Bring something you want to work on and I'll provide a mindful space with a guided relaxation and distraction-free time for you to play.
Connect with me for Parallel Universe Time, it's free, treat yourself!

“I felt so motivated and productive after Katherine's coaching and this quality time with my art project… I highly recommend jumping on this call if you can. Give it a try!” ~ Brenda T, Mixed-media Artist

"Katherine, thank you for this fabulous opportunity. I know that I would not have been that productive with that hour had it not been put aside with you!” ~ Susan C, Creative Being

“I am loving your Parallel Universe Time! It is a special part of my week. Not just for the wonderful space you hold but also your beautiful and gentle words at the beginning and end of the sessions. You are a natural at Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching.” ~ Rozy W, Occupational Therapist, Artist, UK

Parallel Universe Time is a highly effective tool of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ to honor your creative vision and create momentum.


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