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Begin again...

To begin AGAIN… I’ve lost count. But, it's what we do every day when we wake up so it seems organic to apply the concept, without negativity bias, to our creative processes. I have new stuff I want to start… a spark here…  an impossible idea there... and those goodies are often pre-packaged for return shipping with self doubt, comparison, and "what was I thinking!" in the bubble wrap. So what, I'll do it anyway! Begin again.

Does this feel familiar to you? In your heart, in your tummy, in your head, on your sticky notes...

Whatever your joy is, from traditional artistic mediums to cooking, gardening, yoga, crafting, wine making, dance or music… it doesn’t matter, it’s all creative!

Now what - are you worried about creating momentum, thinking it’s silly or you’re not good enough to keep pursuing it? Maybe these issues are causing your resistance... procrastination, overwhelm, self-sabotage, fear, perfectionism, doubt, difficulty making time, no sense of purpose or not knowing how or where to start?

I still experience these challenges, we can't make them go away, but I've found a ways to uncover them, acknowledge the pesky stuff and quiet the noise... and I can help you too. KMCC works with small steps and fun, non-linear tools to reignite your creative passions. Trust yourself and take a leap toward reigniting your joy!

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“Creativity is not an attainment, but a return to who you are.” 
~ Jill Badonsky

(Author/illustrator, inspirational humorist and founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ Training)

Let's connect and see if you can benefit from my creativity coaching!

  • Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™
    40-minute, One-to-One coaching calls (Phone or Zoom) that will help you lower expectations, uncover blocks, move past fears, think differently and experience the joy of reconnecting with your inner artist.
    I will be accepting new clients starting in January 2024.
    Contact me now for more information, wait list, or a free Intro Session to see if this might work for you!

“Katherine has an amazing presence that's so creative and authentic, it's a joy to work with her. She's so willing to be vulnerable and trusting as a coach, all the while asking thoughtful questions that help you dig deeper and tap into your intuition and inner knowledge. You can't help but emerge wiser and more centered.”
~ Jennifer Johnson Crow, Artist and Writer


You're invited to the world of the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™

Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching™ is a unique approach to coaching that uses empowering questions, in-session experiences, a non-linear (aka fun!) flow, small steps and wonderful, well-tested tools that honor the creative process and help you to move through common creative blocks. Yes, common! You're not alone in the creative chaos that we put ourselves in. I've been there and I can help you uncover what's stopping you from finding joy with your creative spirit.

Kaizen is an ancient Japanese philosophy used across many industries and programs to create improvement through small steps. It’s just as effective when applied to our hectic modern lives. The Muses are wonderfully playful characters who represent real-life principals that will help you uncover your blocks and access your creativity.

Combining these two powerful dynamics into a gentle, non-linear and fun approach in a KMCC coaching relationship will give you surprising “a-ha” moments, along with the tools and personal experiences you need to bust through your resistance and reignite, or discover, your creative passions.

KMCC was recognized by Life Coaching magazine as the best all round Creativity Coaching training program.

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“Your ability to understand instinctively what your client is talking about has been a pleasure to experience - thank you for the honor of working with you.”
~ Vicky-Jane Newman, Artist and Certified Kaizen-Muse Master Coach, Australia

“Katherine, I think you are one sassy lady! Generous, warmly open and honest, and incredibly brave. I love how you have embraced the KMCC method and run with it... you're a natural coach.”
~ Sadie Spikes, Artist and Writer

"When collaborating with Katherine her positive energy and intuitive sense is inspiring. She holds a space where ideas seem to effortlessly flow. She is extremely creative, organized and so helpful at keeping me gently on track from the outset of a project through to its completion. Katherine is always a joy to work with!"
~ Melanie Winkelmann, Graphic Artist

"I have been incredibly lucky to receive creative support from Katherine and I value her skills greatly. One thing I love is how approachable she is. Through our coaching relationship I have begun to trust the process of creating art and I have reconnected with several past artistic passions."
~ Nicole Arevalo, Multi-media and Flow Artist


“I will take the ring, though I do not know the way.” 
~ Frodo Baggins, from Lord of the Rings