Creativity Takes Courage

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I love this image of one of many cement street barriers, placed early in 2020, as borders for restaurants to create "parklets" to serve their customers outside during the different distancing phases of the Covid-19 pandemic. This "barrier" in Escondido, CA (north San Diego county) is one of many placed all along their historic center on Grand Avenue and painted by local artists and community members. I put barrier in quotes because it's ironic that we use a barrier to help bring people back together.

This one is also very symbolic, in particular, for it's message, "Creativity Takes Courage" combined with it's placement on a cement barrier. For me, "courage," requires the will to place what you want to do above your fear of doing it. Sometimes that is a simple leap of faith, sometimes that is an agonizing jump off of a cliff. Either way, the barriers we create for ourselves often seem impenetrable like a block of cement.

Common barriers... do any of these sound familiar to you?
The fear mongering siblings... fear of failure, success, exposure, comparison, rejection
Not good enough
Underwhelm (aka lost interest)
Not enough time
Too much time
Anxious, stress, rushed, nervous
Lack of ideas, blocked
Can't get started
Can't finish

Yep, I'm pretty good friends with all of these demons on different levels. You can't make them go away, and that's ok. It's way more fun and interesting to have gentle conversations with them and let them hang out in the fringe... and say "So what! I'll do it anyway!"

One of the most impactful things my creativity coaches have taught me is how to use these negative influences to better my work, to motivate (aka nudge) instead of paralyze, to identify the really good parts and celebrate my successes.

The most important thing is small steps.
Tiny, minuscule, nanoscopic steps to move forward.
Message me if you'd like to try it!


This photo image was taken by Brenda Townsend, a good friend of mine and local San Diego arts leader. Thanks Brenda!
Brilliant Spectrum Art (Facebook)
Brilliant Spectrum Art (YouTube)


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